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Articles of Interest

Find the latest Liberal Party media releases online, or read the Liberal blog for the latest news at the national level. For more in depth information on the party, read the official documents, ranging from the Constitution to the  election platform, and up to date policy resolutions.

We hope that you will enjoy reading the following compendium of articles from shortly after the last election.  Moving your cursor over each title will show pop-up extracts, and clicking on the titles will take you to the corresponding articles.  If you would like to view articles from prior to the October 2015 federal election, we invite you to view our Articles of Interest Archive page.  We especially recommend the Nov 21 article by Doug Saunders.

Dec 13, 2015  Public Servants ‘blow the whistle’ on tax system shortfalls  by Kathryn May in the Ottawa Citizen [taxation]

Dec 12, 2015  Canada’s Warm Embrace of Refugees  New York Times Editorial [refugees]

Dec 10, 2015  Auditor-General offers incomplete picture of Ontario’s power upgrade  by Jatin Nathwani in The Globe and Mail [energy; electricity costs]

Dec 8, 2015  Trudeau’s Canada, Again  by Guy Lawson in The New York Times [prime minister]

Dec 1, 2015  How Harper tied the courts in knots — and what Trudeau should do about it  by Jeff Sallot in iPolitics [justice; appointments]

Nov 21, 2015  Integration: A New Strategy  by Doug Saunders in the Globe and Mail [social justice; terrorist; refugees; criminality]

Nov 16, 2015  Bombs aren’t working. To beat ISIS, we need a new plan  by Jeff Sallot in iPolitics [ISIS; defence strategy]

Nov 12, 2015  Collapsing Greenland glacier could raise sea levels by half a metre, say scientists  by Ian Sample in The Guardian [climate change; sea levels]

Nov 12, 2015  Security agencies up to the task of screening Syrian refugees, Ralph Goodale says  by Alex Boutilier in The Star [refugees; security]

Nov 11, 2015  The EKOS poll: Why many New Democrats are content with a Liberal government  by Frank Graves in iPolitics [polling]

Nov 4, 2015  Canada’s newspapers need to stop humiliating themselves  by Murray Dobbin in iPolitics [journalism]