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KIWLA Executive Members Sherry Stayer, Jean Angi, Lana Coe, Elizabeth Ball, and Past President, Gini Rosen

Kingston and the Islands Women’s Liberal Association is a thriving group of women that was formed to encourage, educate and engage Liberal women politically. We hold speaker events and meet regularly. KIWLA is an affiliate of Kingston and the Islands Federal Liberal Association.

To contact or join the Kingston and the Islands Women’s Liberal Association, please send a message to info@kingstonliberals.


Arlene Perly Rae addresses the KIWLA, Nov 2011

Guest Speaker Alrene Perly Rae addresses the Women's Association in November, 2011




Arlene Perly Rae and KIWLA President Lana Coe







Socializing before Arlen Perly Rae speaks



Joan Barnell and Alzira D'Souza









November 2011


Queen's Students join in to here Alrene speak









Craig Perry and Bittu George November 2011


November 2011








Jane Latimer, George Raynes, Marion Raynes


November 2011








KIWLA Membership Chair, Jean Angi and KIFLA Membership Chair, Samina Maurice

The Gazely Contingent, November 2011