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Annual General Meeting 2015

Posted on May 28, 2015

We enjoyed a rather special setting for our May 9, 2015 annual general meeting – the official opening of our campaign office for the Mark Gerretsen campaign.  For the first time ever, we have a fully functioning campaign office well in advance of a federal election.  All the usual delay factors such as securing suitable space with telephone and Internet services have been gotten out of the way without cutting into the precious 36 days of a traditional election campaign, and we will be able to print literature as needed without having to wait for addresses and phone numbers to be determined.  Best of all, we have a convenient, spacious and accessible base of operations for our telephone and door-to-door canvassers to be trained and operate out of.

Ted speakingMark speakingThe official opening ran from 10 to 11 am on a sunny Saturday morning.  Delicious snacks were provided by the neighbouring Bread and Butter Bakery.   The campaign office, decked out with balloons, banners and a stage was filled wall-to-wall with enthusiastic Liberals, approximately 160 in total.  Shortly after 11 am, our sitting MP, Ted Hsu, thanked everyone for their support and gave a warm introduction to our new candidate, Mark Gerretsen.  Mark in turn gave a rousing speech in which he introduced the growing campaign team and invited everyone to pitch in.

We then moved to the formal proceedings of our annual general meeting.  Our riding association president, Ron Hartling, reported not just on the successes of the past year but of the multi-year implementation of our strategic plan which has put us in the best financial position of any Liberal riding association across Canada in the run-up to this year’s federal election.  The early launch of our campaign office is just one manifestation of those capabilities.  Ann Hutka, our Treasurer and Chief Financial Officer then reported on the financial details.

Outgoing executive

Following the reports, we held an accountability session in which all members of the outgoing riding Executive responded to a wide variety of questions, comments and suggestions from our participating members.

Finally, we elected the officers and directors to lead our riding association through the coming year.  Some who had submitted their formal intents to stand for particular positions were acclaimed without opposition.  Others were nominated from the floor, and there was a formal balloted election among the three declared candidates for the position of Director-at-Large.

The new 2015-2016 Kingston and the Islands Federal Liberal Association Executive consists of:


Ron Hartling


Tom Addison


Alice Gazeley


Ann Hutka


Mark Gerretsen

Communications Director

Christina Thomson

Election Readiness Director

Kaisha Thompson

Events Director

Jason Brown

Fundraising Director

Waji Khan

Member of Parliament

Ted Hsu

Membership & Data Mgmt Director

Anne Thomson

Outreach Director

John Kraemer

Past President

Kim McFarlane

Policy Director

Bill McCarten

Volunteer Director

Al Stewart

Youth Director

Neal Cameron

Director at Large

Dylan Chenier


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