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The purpose of this page is to provide a forum for local bloggers to display their commentary and views of interest to Kingston and area Liberals.  If you are interested in participating, please email your proposal to

Richard Tindal is a blog site focused on government matters, with particular emphasis on the (sorry) state of democracy at the federal level. Below are links to recent posts that may be of interest. The subject matter is evident from the wording in the links. If you click on any one of these and link to the website, you can then find all the blogs cited below – and many others.

Truth in Advertising: Harper’s “just not ready,” to meet this test.

Democracy Not Economy: The economy has been the key issue but this election should be about democracy.

Crises and Government: It seems to take a crisis to remind us of the important role played by government.

Forget the Boo Words: Time for a grown up talk about deficits, taxes, and managing the economy.

Duffy Trial: For those trying to make sense of the oft-conflicting testimony and evidence at the Duffy trial, see this post for a short summary and inescapable conclusion.

Election Issues: These two posts examine the issues in the upcoming election – the two that the Conservatives claim are most important and the one that should be front and center in this campaign.

Prime Ministerial Petulance: This behaviour is evident in Harper’s approach to federal-provincial relations and also in a wide range of actions outlined in the second post below.